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Vienna and Her Children

[This review was originally published in the Spring 2008 issue of the Journal of Faith and the Academy. A scanned PDF copy of the review is now available on the JFA’s website.] Whalen, Robert Weldon.  Sacred Spring: God and the … Continue reading

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More on the Christian College in the Pluralist Society

Are liberty of conscience and the separation of Church and State ideas that Christian colleges should affirm? Most of us would unhesitatingly answer “yes.” Thaddeus Kozinski, however, thinks this is a “privatizing of truth claims” that is out of step … Continue reading

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An Academic Weekend

Between finishing a conference paper and supervising social club initiation activities at Faulkner, it’s a miracle I was able to post anything on this site this week. This morning I’m off to Mobile, where I’ll be presenting a paper at … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Liberal studies are practical. They have civic and cultural use and a personal function, the two often intertwined. If properly defined and well carried out by learned and intellectually honest teachers, liberal studies ground students in disciplined thinking and free … Continue reading

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Introducing the Art of Manliness

This week’s addition to the Blogroll is the Art of Manliness blog and associated podcast. Developed by Brett and Kate McKay, the website features daily articles on how to be a man in the twenty-first century. The spectrum and tone … Continue reading

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Time to Revisit Prydain

I was surprised when walking through Costco Sunday with the family to see that Disney has released a 25th-anniversary edition of The Black Cauldron. This morning I realized that even the Wall Street Journal took note of the event. I … Continue reading

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The Other Shoe Drops in Cuba

It didn’t take long for the other shoe to drop in Cuba. A little over a week ago, I posted a link to an interview in which Fidel Castro admitted that socialism wasn’t working in his country. Now we learn … Continue reading

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No Christian Civilization Without Books

This week I read an article by a Bulgarian missionary in a small-circulation magazine that gave me a renewed appreciation for the Christian classics and the culture of reading. According to the article, this missionary and his team have devoted … Continue reading

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Christianity and Liberalism (the Old-Fashioned Kind)

Each semester in Western Cultural Heritage III, I take students on a brief tour of 19th-century political ideologies: conservatism, liberalism, socialism, nationalism. Of these four, only conservatism has almost completely dropped off the radar, whatever its merits. That leaves us … Continue reading

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Ask Me Anything

If you are a college student, or if there is a college student in your life in some way, I’d encourage you to check out a little book by J. Budziszewski called Ask Me Anything. This author is well known … Continue reading

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