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Thoughts on a New Dark Age

This weekend, Lew Rockwell republished a review I wrote a few months ago of Subtracting Christianity, a collection of essays by the late Joseph Sobran published by the Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation in 2015. You can read it here. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Christian Faith and Social Justice

Today I offer definitive proof (in case you were in doubt) that there is absolutely no consensus of any kind on social or political issues among people professing Christianity. This month Bloomsbury Academic releases Christian Faith and Social Justice: Five … Continue reading

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How the Great Books Can Help Christians Avoid Looking Uncharitable and Stupid

I know this story is at least a week old and thus completely off everyone’s radar by now, but I’m up in the middle of the night with a sick child and feel like posting, so there. Recently a server … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Persecuted Religion

During the Christmas season I usually take some time to reflect on the persecution Christians suffer around the world. Of course, Christianity has been for many years and remains the world’s most persecuted religion. For the American media, this story … Continue reading

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Hume on Miracles and Charles Babbage’s Response

A few weeks ago, I deferred commenting in my weekly Great Books post on David Hume’s argument in An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding against miracles, writing that I wanted to devote an entire post to the subject. Between my travels, … Continue reading

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On Reading the Bible Literally

An interesting but somewhat confusing editorial by John Wilson of Books and Culture magazine appeared in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Wilson’s topic was the recent controversy at Calvin College over a professor who had been asked to leave his … Continue reading

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“Marry Younger,” Says Sociologist

According to a sociology professor at the University of Texas, people should consider getting married when young even if all the details aren’t worked out. Mark Regnerus has contributed to scholarly works on the sociology of sex, specifically premarital sex, … Continue reading

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“God Wants Middle-Class Entitlements,” Say Catholic Academics

You may have missed the story, but apparently some Roman Catholic academics decided to take Speaker of the House John Boehner to task on the occasion of his visit to the Catholic University of America to give the commencement address … Continue reading

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Is the New Testament a Forgery?

There are few certain things in this world, but one of them is that each year around Easter and Christmas you’ll see a lot of media stories that purport to debunk Christianity. You’ll also see the release of books and … Continue reading

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Charitable Giving Tax Deduction on the Chopping Block?

Since we’re all thinking about our taxes this week, check this out: yesterday the Research on Religion podcast put out another excellent episode, an interview with David Wills on religious charity and taxation. Wills is the president of the National … Continue reading

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