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I’m on Mises Wire

In the past few months, I’ve reviewed three books for publication and am working on a fourth. My review of Allen Mendenhall’s Literature and Liberty for the winter issue of the Journal of Faith and the Academy got picked up and was … Continue reading

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Christian Faith and Social Justice

Today I offer definitive proof (in case you were in doubt) that there is absolutely no consensus of any kind on social or political issues among people professing Christianity. This month Bloomsbury Academic releases Christian Faith and Social Justice: Five … Continue reading

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Christianity and Liberalism (the Old-Fashioned Kind)

Each semester in Western Cultural Heritage III, I take students on a brief tour of 19th-century political ideologies: conservatism, liberalism, socialism, nationalism. Of these four, only conservatism has almost completely dropped off the radar, whatever its merits. That leaves us … Continue reading

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