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Some People Need Killin’

If you’ve followed along with the reading schedule posted here for the last two months, congratulations are in order. You’ve already read over 700 pages of world-class literature and, no doubt, have expanded your horizons by considering questions and problems … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Unions and Test Scores: Any Connection?

The Economist is reporting on an alleged correlation between states that lack collective bargaining for teachers’ unions and low scores on standardized tests, specifically the ACT and SAT. According to this report, if your state doesn’t allow collective bargaining, your … Continue reading

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Still Hating Modern Classical Music

If you’ve been around this blog a while, you may remember that I linked to an article analyzing the unpopularity of modern classical music a few months ago. I just came across another interesting piece analyzing the economics of classical … Continue reading

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America Needs a History Lesson

Quick, now: who was the greatest president in the history of the United States? When asked this question, nearly one-third of respondents in a new Gallup poll answered either Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. I suppose both of these guys … Continue reading

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Books for Grunts

There’s a great post on the Art of Manliness blog this week about the history of the Armed Services Editions of books that were produced in the 1940s. Special editions of everything from the “Adventures of Superman” to classic novels … Continue reading

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How to Stare Death in the Face with Style

It’s Great Books Monday, and this week we begin reading the granddaddy of them all. Get ready for the author widely regarded as the fountainhead of the Western literary tradition! The Odyssey of Homer, Books I-IV (GBWW Vol. 3, pp. … Continue reading

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Bill Ray Cyrus in GQ: My Family Is Ruined

Sad, sad, sad. Here’s a guy who was a star recording artist and performer, then an actor playing a main character in a hit TV show, and now has lost his family. His famous daughter has turned into something dreadful … Continue reading

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Mr. President, Step Away from the Plastic

While we’re on the subject of increasing debt, did anyone notice that President Obama’s “deficit reduction plan” is even more piddly than the Republican one we looked at a couple of weeks ago? Despite pretty tolerant media coverage in which … Continue reading

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Sir, Step Away from the Plastic

Bad news on the economic front this month: people are pulling out their credit cards again. One of the silver linings of tough economic times is that many people finally decide they need to get their financial houses in order. … Continue reading

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Another Roman Epic Hits the Big Screen

I guess there’s always hope for a renaissance within the Western tradition as long as there is a market for big-screen films about ancient Rome, not to mention other spectacles like the HBO miniseries of a few years ago. Sure, … Continue reading

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