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A Party Where Everyone Dies Is No Fun

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! What better way to spend a portion of your day off work than to read part of one of the great works of Western Civilization? Here are the readings for the upcoming week: Robinson Crusoe … Continue reading

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Secular Jew Pegs “Oprah” as Secular Chapel

Numerous scholars have noted that human beings are inescapably religious, and that while society may think it is “secularizing,” the religious impulse is actually simply being transferred to some other locus of devotion. Obvious places where we can find this … Continue reading

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Plato’s Noble Lie Trumps Ten Commandments in the EU

If you’re familiar with Plato’s Republic, you may recall that Plato recommends that society’s elites persuade everyone to believe a false story of the society’s origins. The purpose of the “noble lie” was to get the rabble to go along … Continue reading

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“God Wants Middle-Class Entitlements,” Say Catholic Academics

You may have missed the story, but apparently some Roman Catholic academics decided to take Speaker of the House John Boehner to task on the occasion of his visit to the Catholic University of America to give the commencement address … Continue reading

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Exposing the Grandchild Didn’t Work for Astyages, Either

It’s Great Books Monday here at the Western Tradition, and this past week has been the first where we were in five long works simultaneously . . . probably not the best moment for a newcomer to jump in. However, … Continue reading

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A Real Balanced Budget Proposal

When a budget like Rep. Paul Ryan’s, which has us racking up trillions more in debt over the next few years, is denounced as draconian and radical, you know there’s no connection between rhetoric and reality in Washington, D.C. Presumably … Continue reading

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Now There’s a B.A. in Atheism–What Next?

In this morning’s Wall Street Journal there’s an op-ed by Alan Jacobs on Pitzer College’s decision to create a new department and offer an undergraduate major in “secular studies.” It’s an interesting piece, and I encourage you to read it. … Continue reading

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Is the New Testament a Forgery?

There are few certain things in this world, but one of them is that each year around Easter and Christmas you’ll see a lot of media stories that purport to debunk Christianity. You’ll also see the release of books and … Continue reading

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Religion: First You Cheapen It, Then You Lose It

This week we’ve got another great episode of the Research on Religion podcast, and it’s not just because host Anthony Gill gave this blog a shout out on it. It’s also because there’s a fascinating discussion with a scholar of … Continue reading

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Sing Psalms When You’re Shipwrecked

We’re back to normal with a real Great Books Monday post. Those of you in education are probably entering or nearing the beginning of your summer break. If you are foolish like me, you’ve loaded yourself up with numerous projects … Continue reading

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