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Introducing the Journal of Faith and the Academy

For more than two years now I have been the book review editor of the Journal of Faith and the Academy, an interdisciplinary scholarly journal dealing with the relationship between Christianity and the academic enterprise. At long last, we finally … Continue reading

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What is “Fairness”?

[I’m curious to know your answer, so please vote in the poll at the bottom of the post.] While listening to a podcast on the idea of a free society this morning, I was struck by the different ways people … Continue reading

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Communist Dictator: My System Doesn’t Work

It only took fifty years for Fidel Castro to realize (or at least to admit publicly) that the communist system turns countries into economic basket cases. Karl Marx advocated the post-revolution Workers’ Paradise as a secular substitute for the Christian … Continue reading

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Introducing the Great Books MLA Program at Faulkner University

We have a diverse group of students in our Master of Liberal Arts program this year: a bohemian globetrotting Methodist, a libertarian Catholic, a monarchist Orthodox, and a traditionalist Baptist, among others. Class discussion, centered on great texts of the … Continue reading

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How to Read a Book, Part IV

When one person says, “I love cheese,” and another says, “I love football,” and a third says, “I love mankind,” are they all three using the word in any sense that is common? With this question, Mortimer Adler and Charles … Continue reading

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Pray for Christopher Hitchens, Even if He Doesn’t Want It

You rarely come across stories as sad as this one: Christopher Hitchens, one of the world’s best known proponents of atheism, has asked religious people not to pray for him as he battles throat cancer. He says that if he … Continue reading

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God Under Attack (Again)

So now Stephen Hawking, the high priest of physics, tells us that God is not necessary to explain the universe’s existence because he and his friends have come up with a theory of “spontaneous creation.” Would it be too cheeky … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis and Government, Universities Under Attack (Again), and More

The criticisms of universities just keep on coming, on both sides of the Atlantic. In this article a Brit complains that university attendance has become less about education and more of a middle-class rite of passage, a time when “you … Continue reading

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The Line Through the Heart

A couple of weeks ago I posted a link to an interview with J. Budziszewski, who will be our plenary speaker at the Faith and the Academy Conference in February. The same author posted this review of Budziszewski’s most recent … Continue reading

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How to Read a Book, Part III

[Click here for Part I and Part II.] If you have ever felt lost whenever you approached a particular genre of writing, Part III of How to Read a Book may help you tremendously. In this section, Adler and Van … Continue reading

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