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British Women Converting to Islam for “Feminist Reasons”

Alert reader and student Nick Barnes pointed me to this article from the British semi-tabloid Daily Mail about modern British career women embracing Islam. The author, who was raised as a Muslim but rejected that faith because it cramped her … Continue reading

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What Are Professors Worth?

A couple of days ago, my dean forwarded this Wall Street Journal article, “Putting a Price on Professors,” to me. It seems that some universities are attempting to quantify the monetary value of individual faculty members by using complicated spreadsheets … Continue reading

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Economic and Environmental Religions

Why do some people feel guilty (I mean, really morally stained) if they don’t recycle? Why do others think that certain economic policies can save the world? In my recent post “Do Environmentalists Want Us Dead?” I referred to a … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Sci-Fi and a New Heinlein Bio

Science fiction is a genre that many Christians view with ambivalence. After all, many of its most prominent writers over the last century have forthrightly (and with relish) predicted a future without God. I have not read thoroughly in this … Continue reading

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Sloth in Partisan Politics

To show you how out of touch I am with the news cycle, it wasn’t until I was driving home from Mississippi yesterday afternoon that it hit me: there’s a national election next week. One of the greatest blessings of … Continue reading

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Heading for the Hills

My family is retreating to the environs of southern Mississippi this weekend. We’ll be staying at a state park with my in-laws and will not have internet access. So there will be no substantive posts here until Monday of next … Continue reading

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Brits Confront Their Debt; Why Don’t We?

The big news in Europe this week is the final unveiling of the UK’s new spending review, which includes many specific measures to cut the nation’s borrowing. Predictably, the event has been surrounded by all sorts of partisan posturing; Labour … Continue reading

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When Godzilla Fights Mothra, Whom Do You Root For?

    The world is more complicated than most of us like to acknowledge. Of course, in the end we’ll be divided into sheep and goats, and that’s all that will matter, but in the meantime there are lots of … Continue reading

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Obscenity: Would You Know It if You Saw It?

Last week I posted a link to a Wall Street Journal article discussing the “decline of cursing” in our society. Across the pond, Britain is noting the 50th anniversary of the court case that declared D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover … Continue reading

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The Middle Ages Get No Respect

We’ve gotten past the point where textbooks call them the “Dark Ages,” but it seems that what up until now have been the most Christian centuries in the history of the West still get little respect from the mainstream, particularly … Continue reading

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