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Did the Industrial Revolution Harm Most People?

The discussion forums at Liberty Classroom are password-protected, but Tom Woods has seen fit to publish a recent conversation thread from the forum for my Western Civilization since 1500 course. A high school student posted about his teacher’s presentation of … Continue reading

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Free Sample Lectures from My Liberty Classroom Series

Three of my 84 lectures for the Liberty Classroom website have been posted as free samples. Here are the topics: Introduction to Western Civilization Renaissance Humanism Absolutism and Mercantilism The videos are available at this link, where you can also … Continue reading

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Establishment Mouthpiece: American Public Education is a “Failure”

In the United States, nothing marks you as an Establishment figure more than membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. Its membership roster is littered with former presidents, cabinet members, corporate CEOs, and the like. Its research arm continually publishes … Continue reading

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K-12 Students Still Ignorant of U.S. History

The time has come once again for us all to cringe at the results of standardized test scores showing that American youngsters don’t know beans about their own country’s history. The National Assessment of Educational Progress has made known that … Continue reading

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News Flash: Education Funders Influence Education

In case you missed it when the story first ran, the New York Times recently revealed that private entities (e.g., the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) that give large sums of money to educational institutions might actually wield an influence … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Unions and Test Scores: Any Connection?

The Economist is reporting on an alleged correlation between states that lack collective bargaining for teachers’ unions and low scores on standardized tests, specifically the ACT and SAT. According to this report, if your state doesn’t allow collective bargaining, your … Continue reading

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This Just In: Internet Makes Kids Dumb

If you’re a teacher, you may have already suspected this after seeing huge numbers of your students submit papers copied and pasted from Wikipedia or some other website. But to be fair, that’s just laziness, not stupidity. Now there is … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers Are Coming to Get You!

You might have heard that last week a homeschooled student was sworn into Congress, the first such Representative in the modern era. People like Beutler and Tim Tebow are gradually making it harder to dismiss the homeschooling phenomenon as a … Continue reading

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Men Raised by Women

Last week I read an outstanding article by Brett McKay on the Art of Manliness website that I wanted to post here. The title, “A Generation of Men Raised by Women,” is taken from the movie Fight Club, which I … Continue reading

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Enabler of Student Cheating Tells All

“You did me business ethics propsal for me I need propsal got approved pls can you will write me paper?” Last week’s Chronicle of Higher Education features an article titled “Shadow Scholar,” written by an alleged professional writer of term … Continue reading

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