Reading Economics Post Index

This page contains links to the various posts in the site’s Reading Economics Project. They’re divided into three categories:

  1. Posts discussing Shawn Ritenour’s Foundations of Economics
  2. Posts discussing weekly installments of the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s Home Study Course in Austrian Economics
  3. Posts discussing readings from George Reisman’s Program of Self-Education in the Economic Theory and Political Philosophy of Capitalism

Foundations of Economics: A Christian View

Chapter 1: Biblical Foundations of Economics
Chapter 2: General Principles of Human Action
Chapter 3: Laws of Human Action
Chapter 4: Exchange, the Division of Labor, and Property Rights
Chapter 5: Indirect Exchange and Market Prices
Chapter 6: Market Changes
Chapter 7: Production, Capital, and Income Maximization
Chapter 8: Interest and Profit
Chapter 9: Prices of Factors of Production
Chapter 10: Competition and the Number of Sellers
Chapter 11: The Production Structure and the Social Economy
Chapter 12: Money and Its Purchasing Power
Chapter 13: Inflation and Recession
Chapter 14: Macroeconomic Policy
Chapter 15: Price Controls
Chapter 16: Taxing and Spending
Chapter 17: Voluntary Exchange and Regulation
Chapter 18: Socialism
Chapter 19: Fulfilling the Cultural Mandate

Mises Institute’s Home Study Course

Week 1: What Is Austrian Economics?
Week 2: Menger and the Founders
Week 3: Ludwig von Mises
Week 4: Friedrich von Hayek
Week 5: Methodological Foundations
Week 6: Value, Utility, and Price
Week 7: Time Preference and Interest
Week 8: Capital
Week 9: Profit, Loss, and Entrepreneurship
Week 10: The Ethics of Liberty
Week 11: Property and Ownership
Week 12: Liberty and Property
[more to follow]

George Reisman’s Program

Unit 1: Introduction

  1. Capitalism 1-12
  2. Ludwig von Mises, The Historical Setting of the Austrian School
  3. Ludwig von Mises, Planning for Freedom, 4th ed., pp. 224-280
    1. Murray Rothbard, “The Essential Von Mises
    2. Tributes to Mises by Various Authors
  4. Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, Book IV
  5. Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Capital and Interest, Vol. I
  6. Frank A. Neff, Economic Doctrines

[more to follow]

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