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Money, Morals, and Missions This Friday

Any of you who happen to be in the Montgomery area are more than welcome to attend our fifth annual Faith and the Academy Conference this Friday on the Faulkner University campus. The conference theme is “Money, Morals, and Missions,” … Continue reading

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The Great Books Are Diversity

Anyone who claims to appreciate diversity should enjoy reading the Great Books. In the past week we read one of the world’s greatest historians, a philosopher who thinks history is for little minds, and authors who variously interpret life as … Continue reading

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What Is Austrian Economics?

Week 1 of the Mises Institute’s Home Study Course in Austrian Economics includes one audio lecture and brief readings from three books. I had already listened to or read all of this material in the past, so it was relatively … Continue reading

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More Great Books Blogs

Over the last several weeks I’ve been interacting with some thoughtful fellows who have established Great Books blogs, and I wanted to give them a little plug here. First is Peder, who has just begun his own Great Books Project … Continue reading

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Augustine Censures the Pagans

On this Great Books Monday, we launch into the reading of the most influential epic (I do not say the greatest) in the history of the West. With Virgil added to the readings from the most important post-apostolic theologian in … Continue reading

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Reading Economics: Another Gigantic Project

For more than a decade now, I’ve had more than a passing interest in the field of economics and have done quite a bit of disorganized reading in the field among the classical and Austrian economists. With the Great Books … Continue reading

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Hume on Miracles and Charles Babbage’s Response

A few weeks ago, I deferred commenting in my weekly Great Books post on David Hume’s argument in An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding against miracles, writing that I wanted to devote an entire post to the subject. Between my travels, … Continue reading

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Captain Ahab as a Corrupt Corporate CEO

Having just completed the reading of Moby Dick last week, I thought I’d comment on an analogy that occurred to me more than once while working my way through it. Captain Ahab is fixated on getting revenge on Moby Dick, … Continue reading

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Queequeg’s Coffin and the Great Man Theory of History

It’s Great Books Monday once again, and I’m feeling really motivated this week. I spent some time yesterday looking over what we’re likely to attack in the next few weeks, and it is really great stuff, starting with our selections … Continue reading

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Shocking Facts About U.S. Government Debt

Every time I think I have finally gotten some real conception about the size of the debt mess our government has created over the last few decades, something comes along to prove me wrong. This time it was a post … Continue reading

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