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What is “The Great Refusal”?

With all the comparisons between Popes Benedict XVI and Celestine V that have been floating around recently, I couldn’t help but take special note of a particular passage from Dante’s “Inferno,” which I’m reading this week as part of my … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand vs. C.S. Lewis: A Failure to Communicate

A fifteen-year-old book containing sixty-year-old marginal notes is making waves in the blogosphere this week. Someone over on the First Things blog made a post titled “Ayn Rand Really, Really Hated C.S. Lewis,” which dredges up material from Ayn Rand’s Marginalia … Continue reading

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How the Great Books Can Help Christians Avoid Looking Uncharitable and Stupid

I know this story is at least a week old and thus completely off everyone’s radar by now, but I’m up in the middle of the night with a sick child and feel like posting, so there. Recently a server … Continue reading

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More on Environmental Religion

I’ve posted a time or two about how environmentalism behaves like a religion in many ways. Here, for example, I discuss the religious language used in connection with national parks, and here I post about predictions for a “new god” … Continue reading

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Research on Religion Logs 100th Episode

This week the Research on Religion podcast reached an important milestone by airing its 100th episode. The episode features Prof. Margarita Mooney on the subject of Pope Benedict XVI and Cuba. If you’re a frequent visitor to this blog, no … Continue reading

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Hume on Miracles and Charles Babbage’s Response

A few weeks ago, I deferred commenting in my weekly Great Books post on David Hume’s argument in An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding against miracles, writing that I wanted to devote an entire post to the subject. Between my travels, … Continue reading

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More God, Less Crime

A new book by criminologist Byron Johnson argues that there’s enough statistical evidence out there for social scientists to say with confidence that religiosity lowers crime. He also argues that secular bias among social scientists, more often than not, leads … Continue reading

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Secular Jew Pegs “Oprah” as Secular Chapel

Numerous scholars have noted that human beings are inescapably religious, and that while society may think it is “secularizing,” the religious impulse is actually simply being transferred to some other locus of devotion. Obvious places where we can find this … Continue reading

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Now There’s a B.A. in Atheism–What Next?

In this morning’s Wall Street Journal there’s an op-ed by Alan Jacobs on Pitzer College’s decision to create a new department and offer an undergraduate major in “secular studies.” It’s an interesting piece, and I encourage you to read it. … Continue reading

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Is the New Testament a Forgery?

There are few certain things in this world, but one of them is that each year around Easter and Christmas you’ll see a lot of media stories that purport to debunk Christianity. You’ll also see the release of books and … Continue reading

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