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Truth Persists and Works, Even if Nobody Is Left to Utter It

Human thinking and reasoning, human science and technology are the product of a social process insofar as the individual thinker faces both the achievements and the errors of his predecessors and enters into a virtual discussion with them either in … Continue reading

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“Procapitalist” and “Pseudocapitalist” Economic Thought

George Reisman, Capitalism, Introduction: In my Reading Economics Project, I’ve completed the series of posts on Shawn Ritenour’s Principles of Economics and made fair progress on the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s Home Study Course. However, this is my very first … Continue reading

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An “Open Letter to Warren Buffett”

Over on my Reading Economics page, I’ve outlined a plan to read through, among other things, George Reisman’s program of readings. In that light (although I haven’t actually posted on anything from that series yet), I thought it was worth … Continue reading

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Reading Economics: Another Gigantic Project

For more than a decade now, I’ve had more than a passing interest in the field of economics and have done quite a bit of disorganized reading in the field among the classical and Austrian economists. With the Great Books … Continue reading

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