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Debate of the Century: Krugman vs. Murphy

I’m taking time out today to give kudos to my friend Bob Murphy–author, speaker, and economist extraordinaire–who is making important contributions to the ongoing national debate about the state of our nation’s economy and how to get it back on … Continue reading

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$1.4 Trillion Deficit? No Problem!

Apparently not all of us live in the same universe. For those of us in objective reality (and if you think there is no objective reality, please do not waste your time telling me so), it is a bad idea … Continue reading

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Is America’s Most Prominent Public Intellectual Losing His Mind?

Help me out here, people, because I really want to get to the bottom of this. I’ve been trying to see the world from Nobel-Prize-winner Paul Krugman’s perspective for months now, and I’m coming to the conclusion that either I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Sci-Fi and a New Heinlein Bio

Science fiction is a genre that many Christians view with ambivalence. After all, many of its most prominent writers over the last century have forthrightly (and with relish) predicted a future without God. I have not read thoroughly in this … Continue reading

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