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More on Environmental Religion

I’ve posted a time or two about how environmentalism behaves like a religion in many ways. Here, for example, I discuss the religious language used in connection with national parks, and here I post about predictions for a “new god” … Continue reading

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When Environmentalists Clash

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I’m interested in how environmentalism has become a powerful cultural force and has taken on increasingly religious overtones in recent years. This week there is a fascinating debate … Continue reading

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Time For a New God?

Yesterday I listened to a podcast from The Economist in which Paul Saffo of Stanford University offered several predictions about the state of the world in 2035. Among other things, he anticipates major developments in robotics by that time, although … Continue reading

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“Millions Died, But I Meant Well, So It’s All Good”

If, with the best of intentions, you promote false ideas which lead to the deaths of others, should you feel any remorse? I’d say yes, but apparently others disagree. Some of the ideas in the posts environmental religion I’ve made … Continue reading

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Economic and Environmental Religions

Why do some people feel guilty (I mean, really morally stained) if they don’t recycle? Why do others think that certain economic policies can save the world? In my recent post “Do Environmentalists Want Us Dead?” I referred to a … Continue reading

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Do Environmentalists Want Us Dead?

I’m not the world’s biggest outdoorsman. Unlike many of my friends while I was growing up, I never went on fishing or hunting trips, and these days I spend most of my time indoors. On the other hand, I was … Continue reading

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