Enabler of Student Cheating Tells All

“You did me business ethics propsal for me I need propsal got approved pls can you will write me paper?”

Last week’s Chronicle of Higher Education features an article titled “Shadow Scholar,” written by an alleged professional writer of term papers and theses for high school and college students. The approximation of English above is a typical email he claims to receive on any given day of the week.

The culture of cheating the author goes on to describe is extremely depressing, but not entirely surprising. It enables him to make $66,000 annually using nothing but Google. This sort of thing is one reason why I have all but abandoned out-of-class essay writing in my survey classes.

Note the three fields he singles out as giving him lots of business: nursing, education, and religion. Apparently, seminary students provide him with lots of business. (I was hoping the author would break things down by denomination, but no such luck.) Andrew Coulson has a commentary on the cheating education majors here: “Future Teachers Most Likely to Cheat in College?

Check out the hundreds of comments that follow the article. Many express skepticism about the author’s claims. Are the commenters in denial, or is the author really a charlatan? What are things like at your school?

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I am an Associate Professor and head of the Department of Humanities at Faulkner University. I am also Associate Editor of the Journal of Faith and the Academy.
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2 Responses to Enabler of Student Cheating Tells All

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  2. matthewwmahoney says:

    Professur, i have needing help with my papr. Willu? desperit.

    Definitely possible. The shadow is likely exaggerating on some points but the whole of the story is believable. It is almost impossible to prove someone used a service of this kind. Trust me, I have been turning in papers that I paid myself to write for years and never been caught.

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