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Week 8 of the Mises Institute’s Home Study Course in Austrian Economics includes one audio lecture and one book chapter dealing with capital. “Capital” by Bob Murphy: Following Rothbard, Murphy defines capital as “reproducible means of production.” He says that … Continue reading

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How One Modern Economist Is Like St. Thomas Aquinas

No, it’s not by making dry and boring arguments, before anyone makes a smart-aleck comment. One of the most admirable things about St. Thomas Aquinas’s method of argumentation in the Summa Theologica is his insistence on giving his opponents their best … Continue reading

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Debate of the Century: Krugman vs. Murphy

I’m taking time out today to give kudos to my friend Bob Murphy–author, speaker, and economist extraordinaire–who is making important contributions to the ongoing national debate about the state of our nation’s economy and how to get it back on … Continue reading

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