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What Is Marriage?

Here’s how I see the arguments over marriage in our society taking shape. There are two questions up for debate: What is marriage? What role, if any, ought the State to play in recognizing, sponsoring, and/or supporting marriage? To keep … Continue reading

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Francis Bacon on Marriage and Single Life

One of the advantages of reading great authors of earlier eras is that you get perspectives that don’t square with party lines we’re fed today by dominant cultural forces in the mass media, corporate world, and political classes. With respect … Continue reading

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“Marry Younger,” Says Sociologist

According to a sociology professor at the University of Texas, people should consider getting married when young even if all the details aren’t worked out. Mark Regnerus has contributed to scholarly works on the sociology of sex, specifically premarital sex, … Continue reading

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Abstinence Gets Some “Scientific” Support

In an age characterized by scientism and what one of my colleagues calls the “mathematization of man,” some people won’t believe a proposition unless you can back it up with statistical evidence of some kind. Now it looks like those … Continue reading

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More Bad News on Marriage (Having Nothing to Do with Homosexuals)

Ross Douthat is one of the very few New York Times columnists I can tolerate in more than tiny doses. His “The Changing Culture War” from earlier this month is sobering reading. I blogged a few weeks back about the … Continue reading

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Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

There’s so much “social progress” going around these days it’s hard to keep track of it all. The latest news is that nearly 40% of Americans think that marriage is becoming obsolete. This opinion tracks with the rise in the … Continue reading

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