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35% Off the Best Subscription on the Internet through Christmas Eve!

If you are agonizing over Christmas gifts this late in the game or are considering treating yourself to intellectual stimulation, consider a subscription to Liberty Classroom. All membership levels are 35% off through Christmas Eve. Check out the offer here. … Continue reading

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Free Books This Month at Liberty Classroom!

For those of you have not already joined the fun over at Liberty Classroom, Tom Woods is giving away free, autographed copies of some of his books to new members this month! You can choose from Nullification, Rollback, and 33 … Continue reading

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Free Sample Lectures from My Liberty Classroom Series

Three of my 84 lectures for the Liberty Classroom website have been posted as free samples. Here are the topics: Introduction to Western Civilization Renaissance Humanism Absolutism and Mercantilism The videos are available at this link, where you can also … Continue reading

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