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Homeschooling Still on the Rise, and in Places You Might Not Expect

A couple of articles about homeschooling in the last week or so have caught my attention and give reasons for continued optimism about the future of this educational model. First, data from states that keep track of homeschooling show a … Continue reading

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Oppressive, Dysfunction-Creating Homeschooling

When Gary North is on, he’s on. “Can you imagine what this girl will face when she hits her teens? Have home schooling parents no shame?” Juxtaposed with videos of a family having a great time playing music together, the … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers Are Coming to Get You!

You might have heard that last week a homeschooled student was sworn into Congress, the first such Representative in the modern era. People like Beutler and Tim Tebow are gradually making it harder to dismiss the homeschooling phenomenon as a … Continue reading

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