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General Principles of Human Action

Chapter 2 of Shawn Ritenour’s Foundations of Economics lays out, first, a definition of human action, and second, a number of principles that govern action and our interpretation of it. Ritenour defines action as “applying means according to ideas to … Continue reading

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Reading Economics: Another Gigantic Project

For more than a decade now, I’ve had more than a passing interest in the field of economics and have done quite a bit of disorganized reading in the field among the classical and Austrian economists. With the Great Books … Continue reading

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The Welfare State: A Sinking Ship

Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson has laid out some uncomfortable facts that need to sink in with our policymakers before they do anything else stupid. In “The Welfare State’s Reckoning,” Samuelson points out that Americans who are currently scoffing at … Continue reading

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Debate of the Century: Krugman vs. Murphy

I’m taking time out today to give kudos to my friend Bob Murphy–author, speaker, and economist extraordinaire–who is making important contributions to the ongoing national debate about the state of our nation’s economy and how to get it back on … Continue reading

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Is America’s Most Prominent Public Intellectual Losing His Mind?

Help me out here, people, because I really want to get to the bottom of this. I’ve been trying to see the world from Nobel-Prize-winner Paul Krugman’s perspective for months now, and I’m coming to the conclusion that either I … Continue reading

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Economic and Environmental Religions

Why do some people feel guilty (I mean, really morally stained) if they don’t recycle? Why do others think that certain economic policies can save the world? In my recent post “Do Environmentalists Want Us Dead?” I referred to a … Continue reading

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“The Problem Isn’t Literature; It’s Literary Critics”

Two literature-related items grabbed my attention this week. First was the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature to Mario Vargas Llosa, a Peruvian novelist who is also one of the best known classical liberals in the world. Vargas Llosa’s … Continue reading

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Vienna and Her Children

[This review was originally published in the Spring 2008 issue of the Journal of Faith and the Academy. A scanned PDF copy of the review is now available on the JFA’s website.] Whalen, Robert Weldon.  Sacred Spring: God and the … Continue reading

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Introducing Shawn Ritenour

With the site still in its formative stages, I have not yet put together a “Blogroll” of recommended websites. This post marks the beginning of that process. I plan to add one site every week or so until I run … Continue reading

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