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Ayn Rand vs. C.S. Lewis: A Failure to Communicate

A fifteen-year-old book containing sixty-year-old marginal notes is making waves in the blogosphere this week. Someone over on the First Things blog made a post titled “Ayn Rand Really, Really Hated C.S. Lewis,” which dredges up material from Ayn Rand’s Marginalia … Continue reading

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Inklings Interview: Tolkien Converts Lewis, etc.

Way back in January, I did an interview for the Secrets of Middle-Earth podcast, which mainly targets players of the Lord of the Rings Online video game. The podcast host, Father Roderick, records the podcast while his character travels around … Continue reading

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Inklings Info: Tolkien, Lewis, Williams, and the Rest

I haven’t added a link to the right sidebar in a while, so I wanted to let everyone know about a new project I’m involved with: a free email newsletter dedicated to the Inklings, the celebrated group of Oxford-based writers … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Right to Your (Uninformed) Opinions?

This week I’m listening to an audio version of C.S. Lewis’s Surprised by Joy, and I heard something yesterday that reminded me of a problem I’ve wondered about off and on for a few years. As a young man, Lewis … Continue reading

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New “Dawn Treader” a Big Step Up from “Caspian”

If you haven’t gone to see the new Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in theaters yet, I hope you’ll make a point to do so. Not everyone is praising the film; this Wall Street Journal reviewer, … Continue reading

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C.S. Lewis and Government, Universities Under Attack (Again), and More

The criticisms of universities just keep on coming, on both sides of the Atlantic. In this article a Brit complains that university attendance has become less about education and more of a middle-class rite of passage, a time when “you … Continue reading

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Freud vs. C.S. Lewis and other News

Beginning with this post, I plan to provide regularly links to news items and opinion pieces related to the theme of this blog. I’ll offer brief comments on each item, explaining why I think it is significant and worthy of … Continue reading

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