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What is “The Great Refusal”?

With all the comparisons between Popes Benedict XVI and Celestine V that have been floating around recently, I couldn’t help but take special note of a particular passage from Dante’s “Inferno,” which I’m reading this week as part of my … Continue reading

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Knowledge of Latin Enables Reporter to Scoop the Whole World

Those of us who advocate the study of Latin have an uphill battle. Too many people have no appreciation for what study of a “dead language” can do for them. This week one reporter’s knowledge of Latin enabled her to … Continue reading

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Research on Religion Logs 100th Episode

This week the Research on Religion podcast reached an important milestone by airing its 100th episode. The episode features Prof. Margarita Mooney on the subject of Pope Benedict XVI and Cuba. If you’re a frequent visitor to this blog, no … Continue reading

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Why What the Pope Said About Condoms Is No Big Deal

The way the media has been reacting to Pope Benedict XVI’s recent statement about condoms, you’d think he had just announced his engagement to Kim Kardashian. “Stunning . . . necessary shift . . . gets real,” etc. The pundits … Continue reading

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