The News Media Is Out of Ideas, Example #2,954

Or, alternatively, “Everything in 2017 Is about Donald Trump, Example #8,317”:

Someone at the Boston Globe decided to run a story about how the path of the upcoming solar eclipse runs mostly through counties that voted for Trump in November 2016. From yesterday’s “The 2017 solar eclipse path will overwhelmingly pass over Trump country“:

Is the eclipse throwing shade at Clinton supporters?

The path of ideal viewing spots for this month’s highly-anticipated total solar eclipse cuts overwhelmingly through places that voted for President Trump in November.

There are about 240 counties roughly along the central path of the eclipse, a 70-mile-wide trail extending across the country where people will be able to see a total eclipse, meaning the sun will appear completely obscured by the moon.

And about 92 percent of those counties swung in Trump’s favor, while fewer than two dozen counties voted for his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

The article goes on to state that, actually, this isn’t really surprising because everyone knows that more than 80% of the country’s land mass consists of counties that voted for Trump, in contrast to the few, densely populated counties that voted for Hillary Clinton.


So why is this a story again?

Then we get this bizarre assertion:

Perhaps it’s not a surprise that the solar eclipse is passing over Trump strongholds given that the president himself was born during a lunar eclipse.

Yes, I can see how one of those things naturally follows from the other.

Phil Jackson

I don’t know whether the Globe has lost its mind or whether it’s just trolling everyone, but I’d suggest a different approach.

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1 Response to The News Media Is Out of Ideas, Example #2,954

  1. Gloria Buckley says:

    Oh my goodness. Is this an indication of a Godly status of a mere mortal because of the movement of the sun and moon? News must be sparse!!!

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