Kudos to the Chronicle

The Chronicle of Higher Education is a typical publication from the world of academia in that it slants decidedly left in its political pronouncements. Fortunately, it has enough integrity to run a piece calling foul when a scholar is savaged for publishing research that can be used to challenge current left-wing orthodoxy on social questions.

Read the article by Christian Smith describing the “auto-da-fé” being carried out against UT-Austin sociologist Mark Regnerus for noting higher rates of emotional and social problems among adult children of homosexuals. Along the way, Smith talks about the parochial tendencies of the discipline of sociology in general.

About Dr. J

I am Professor of Humanities at Faulkner University, where I chair the Department of Humanities and direct online M.A. and Ph.D. programs based on the Great Books of Western Civilization. I am also Associate Editor of the Journal of Faith and the Academy and a member of the faculty at Liberty Classroom.
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