Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Lantern-Bearers” Revisited

If you’ve been hanging around this site for a while or have done some of the readings for our Great Books project, you may recall that one of the early selections we read (way back in February) was Robert Louis Stevenson’s essay “The Lantern-Bearers.” If you’d like to refresh your memory, here’s the post where it was discussed.

This essay was featured recently on the Art of Manliness website as a “manvotional.” Brett McKay reprints the essay and adds some commentary on how it has influenced him. He also brings in a third party’s lecture connecting the lantern with Ernest Hemingway.

If you like Stevenson or Hemingway, or if you just want to feel more manly, give it a read.

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I am Professor of Humanities at Faulkner University, where I chair the Department of Humanities and direct online M.A. and Ph.D. programs based on the Great Books of Western Civilization. I am also Associate Editor of the Journal of Faith and the Academy and a member of the faculty at Liberty Classroom.
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1 Response to Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Lantern-Bearers” Revisited

  1. Ginger says:

    Strangely, I’ve never wanted to feel more manly….HaHa….but I will read the article.

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