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If I Don’t Think, Do I Not Exist?

As Great Books Monday rolls around again, we’re preparing to dive into one of the greatest classics of spirituality of all time, not to mention the world’s first autobiography. Are you ready? Here are the readings for the coming week: … Continue reading

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Anti-Christian-School Court Ruling Overturned

In case you missed it, last weekend the Supreme Court of the United States overturned a lower court’s ruling that Arizona’s system of educational tax credits was unconstitutional. Under the system, people can donate to private schools’ tuition scholarship programs … Continue reading

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Berkshire Billionare: Read All the Time

Most people have heard of Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and the richest man in America after Bill Gates. Not as many have heard of his partner, Charlie Munger, who is also a billionaire and enjoys nearly as … Continue reading

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Kill ’em All and Let the Gods Sort Them Out

It’s Great Books Monday. We’ve completed one quarter of readings and have twenty-seven to go. My only regret in setting up this project is that I didn’t begin it years ago. I begin each week with a sense of anticipation … Continue reading

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Bibliotherapy: or, Books–They’re Good For What Ails You

A recent article by Dr. Mark Sisson (of “primal diet” fame) has me wondering whether one reason that Americans have so many mental and emotional health issues is that they don’t read enough. Bibliotherapy is a growing practice among some … Continue reading

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