Chinese Church on Government Hitlist

Every now and then I like to remind folks that the most persecuted religion in the world is Christianity (yes, there is plenty of hard data to substantiate this claim). This week a story ran about the Chinese government first pressuring property owners not to rent space to a Christian church, and then raiding the group when they attempted to meet outdoors. All this while the government maintains an official policy of religious toleration.

It’s like Murray Rothbard always said: Without property rights, there are no personal liberties. “Freedom of the press” is meaningless if the government prohibits you any access to a press. Likewise, “freedom of worship” is meaningless if the government won’t allow you to obtain physical space in which to worship.

About Dr. J

I am Professor of Humanities at Faulkner University, where I chair the Department of Humanities and direct online M.A. and Ph.D. programs based on the Great Books of Western Civilization. I am also Associate Editor of the Journal of Faith and the Academy and a member of the faculty at Liberty Classroom.
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