Readers Tell WSJ Columnist to “Man Up” on Parenting

Admit it: you’d never think of going to the Wall Street Journal for parenting advice. The thought had never entered my head either, so it was interesting to see that apparently the Journal does in fact have a regular columnist who comments on parenting issues. The guy does not pretend to guru status, from what I can tell. And a good thing, too, because a lot of his readers think he’s a wimp.

It’s interesting to see all the feedback on the videogame issue the columnist raises. I especially liked the emails from teenagers who say they respected their parents for setting clear boundaries. Reader feedback about the child’s unauthorized usage of the parent’s credit card was illuminating as well: “Face up to it. Your kid stole from you.”

I’ve had this link on the back burner for a couple of weeks, but I’m sick today and don’t feel like working on a post from scratch, so it’s a good day to post it. Enjoy your weekend.

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